Q: Are the black silicone stoppers removable?
A: Yes, the stoppers are removable to provide so that you can occasionally clean all parts of the aerator.

Q: Are these aerators dishwasher safe?
A: We recommend that you hand wash with cold or warm water.

Q: What are the dimensions of the boxes that the aerators come in?
A: The Wildly Refined boxes are 2.5" x 2.5" x 5.5"

Q: Can these aerators be used for liquor as well as wine?
A: Yes! Our stoppers are designed to fit all wine bottles and most other bottles of alcohol.

Q: Can the aerators be left a bottle in overnight?
A: Aerators do not seal the air within the wine bottle, so it is recommended that you remove and cork so you can keep your wine as fresh as possible. If you leave in overnight, it can increase the chance of the aerator getting stuck.

Q: What happens if the silicone stopper gets stuck in a bottle?
A: Occasionally, they can get stuck in the bottle. We recommend using a small, narrow item to pry the stopper out. It's very easy.

Q: Are these aerators safe?
A: Of course! The stoppers are made from an FDA-approved silicone and everyone knows it is safe to eat/drink with stainless steel.